InterDyne Web Design: Professional, Affordable Web Site Development, Hosting, Promotion & Maintenance
Services Offered

Web Site Design.

Every page on your site should be clear, concise and should load quickly. Sharp, professional graphics that help convey your message or create an impression are key to your site's success. Graphics that look nice but don't serve any purpose only slow things down and turn off your audience.

Typically an average 5-6 page site can be set up in 3-4 weeks. If the requirements for the site are extremely well defined, the turnaround time could be less. If extensive changes are needed along the way, it could be longer.

Web Site Hosting.

Your site runs on Apache web server software (the most widely used on the web) and is wired to extremely fast redundant Internet connections that tie very closely to the Internet backbone. The system has redundant power backup and 24/7 data center monitoring.

With your website you get:
  • Your own domain name (
  • Unlimited email forwarders (email addresses that automatically forward to another email address you already own).
  • brwoser-based access to your web site so you can make your own changes
  • Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption for credit card transactions
  • Online access to a monthly report summarizing site activity
  • Registration with all major search engines
  • Ongoing support

Maintain Your Own Website.

Your site will be designed within an Open Source "Content Management System" such as WordPRess or Joomla which allows you to log in and add/remove/delete content using a visual interface that has a look and feel similar to MS Word.