InterDyne Web Design: Professional, Affordable Web Site Development, Hosting, Promotion & Maintenance

Design Cost

Cost is charged at $75.00/hour. It typically takes a few hours to design an initial look for the home page, a few more hours to design a "page" template that will be used for thelook on the rest of the pages on the site, and then an hour or two per page to fill in the content, images and any other media that will be used.. Provide an outline for what you would like to have done using one of the methods on the "Getting Started page to receive a quote.

Custom Features

Add-on modules (e.g. blog, email list, photo album, forum, RSS Feed, etc.) will add additional cost depending on what additional functionality is needed.

Monthly Hosting Cost

The ongoing cost to host your web site is $20.00 per month. This includes:
  • Unlimited email forwarders (email addresses that automatically forward to another email address you already have).
  • Web based content management system (WordPress or Joomla) to allow you to make changes your website using a web browser - no software required.
  • Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption available for secure connections
  • Online access to a monthly report summarizing site activity
  • Registration with all major search engines
  • Ongoing support


Documentation will be provided explaining how to make changes to your site, email support will be provided. Live training can also be arranged via remote desktop or in some cases in person-training can be arranged as well (Greensboro, Winston-Salem, High-Point area only).